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Seven Peaks
Pass of All Passes Annual Tube Add-on
(801) 377-4FUN
Out of Stock
Details and Restrictions

All Print At Home Product Sales Are Final

Rules of the Deal
- Valid for one annual tube rental entitlement
- Tubes are rented by the holes, purchasing one of these deals will grant one hole at a time
(In other words, if you purchase 3 tube rentals you get 1 triple, OR 1 double and 1 single, OR 3 singles)
- Add unlimited tube rental entitlements to your pass
- Must bring Print@Home voucher and valid Pass of All Passes to waterpark*
- Tax will be added at checkout
- CityDeals redemption code expires 6 months from the date of purchase
*Print@Home voucher can be printed/saved immediately after purchase. Or it can be found in the "My Printable Products" section of your account. Do not take your invoice or order confirmation to the venue, this will not be accepted.

Terms of Use

Valid Locations
Valid at all locations
How It Works:  
Take your Print@Home voucher(s) to either of the Seven Peaks Utah waterparks. Tube entitlements will be added to your Pass of All Passes. For more information on linking your passes by household to combine tube rentals, ask the Seven Peaks employee.  
Each unit sold on CityDeals counts toward 1 "hole". Tube Rentals attached to your Pass of All Passes account are tracked electronically at the tube rental booth and may be used at both Provo and Salt Lake water park locations. 
Tubes are available in Single, Double or Triple seat capacity. Not all slides require tubes, and some slides may prohibit them. Seven Peaks does not provide complimentary tubes. Ask a Seven Peaks employee for more information when you are at the waterpark.
Mix and match any combination of tubes as long as you have enough entitlements. You can swap out for different combinations at any time during your day at the park.
For example:  if you have 3 tube rental entitlements on your Pass of All Passes, that means you can have a max of 3 "holes" out at any one time. You may: 
Get 3 single tubes,
get 1 double and 1 single,
get 1 triple tube.
Note: Having 3 tube rental entitlements does NOT mean you can rent 3 of the triple tubes or 3 of the double tubes, etc. Each entitlement counts toward only 1 hole per day.
*How to obtain your Print@Home voucher
Immediately after completing your purchase on, you will have the option to view/print your Print@Home voucher. (Adobe Acrobat PDF reader is required). Click print to open/save the PDF document. 
You may find these later by logging into your account, and going to the My Printable Products section of your account.
Print@Home vouchers are only stored in your account for 6 months.
The Reviews Are In
Most Recent Customer Reviews
Worth every penny
Apr 19, 2013
by Mom of Three
If you've got the Pass of All Passes, you want to get the tube rental. It's worth every penny of the $10 and more. It's also worth getting the parking pass for the season, which I got for $10 last year also.

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Kristen R.
Are tubes required for the slides? Can you bring in your own tubes?
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discussthedeal ..
It depends on what slide you are on--some require tubes while others prohibit them. You are unable to bring your own tubes. According to the Seven Peaks website: noodles, inner tubes, rafts, kickboards, or boogie boards are not allowed. Visit for more details about their policies as well as more information on the slides.
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Linda W.
I was wondering-- can I put more than one deal of these on my account at a time. since we have a big family?
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discussthedeal ..
Yes, as stated in the Rules of the Deal, you may add unlimited tube rental entitlements. Just a tip: the site has a default max of 10 from the Quantity drop down menu. If you want more than ten (since these can also be given as gifts) you just need to go to your cart, enter the quantity you want in the Qty box, then click Update Shopping Cart.
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Jessica P.
Can you obtain a double tube if you have one entitlement on two cards. For example: I pay and place one on my card and one on my husbands card. Or do they have to be all on one card?
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discussthedeal ..
If your passes are linked by household, and your combined "holes" on your passes are two, then you can get a double tube.
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