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Cowabunga Bay
$85 Season Pass Voucher
12047 South Factory Outlet Drive
Draper UT, 84020
(801) 553-1000
Out of Stock
Details and Restrictions
Rules of the Deal
Use same as cash (not redeemable for cash). Sales Tax is included.

Valid for one individual 48" and above 2010 Season Pass. Season passes must be processed at the Cowabunga Bay Guest Service Window on first visit. Private parties and events are not included. Not valid with any other discounts.

Terms of Use

Valid Locations
  1. 12047 South Factory Outlet Drive
    Draper, UT 84020

Company Info

The word Cowabunga actually has very little to do with cows. It has more to do with pizza-loving, genetically-altered, ninja turtles. It brings to mind a certain affinity for all things water and pipes, which is exactly what you’ll find at Cowabunga Bay!

Right now CityDeals is offering 2011 season passes to the “tubular” water park (a $107.00 value) for the low, low price of only $65.00. That means you can enjoy the watery wonderland that is Cowabunga Bay for 60% off! This waterpark has the largest water park structure in the world. No joke. It’s six stories tall and has a foreboding 1,200 gallon bucket 60 feet above the huddled masses of screaming kids below. Once full, it tips itself over and pours itself out—much like the little teapot of nursery rhyme fame—producing the “biggest splash in the world.” While hundreds of gallons of water falling on top of you might literally make you “have a cow,” kids think it’s cooler than a Yo Gabba Gabba birthday party where Elmo is the MC.

Get this awesome deal on Cowabunga Bay season passes, before they sell out, and make summer 2011 your best yet! P.S. We recommend leaving your nunchucks at home.

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The Reviews Are In
Most Recent Customer Reviews
Dec 29, 2010
by Not happy!
For a place that has a lazy river, small pool and waterslide area, is WAY too overpriced!!! They are insane to think that it's worth $25, that is the price of Seven Peaks, does not even compare! They don't seem to get the business, if you have lower prices, more people will come and in the end you have more profit. Even Raging waters is about $18 last I checked. I can't see them asking for more than $12 for what you get at this tiny place. I can forsee this place going out of business within next two years if they do not do something to change their pricing. I know I will never be back for that amount of money! Also the lifeguards really don't interact with anyone other than their coworkers, I tried talking to them several times and they were too busy carrying on their high school conversations with the other lifeguards to care about anything. It's very obvious these lifeguards are there for the paycheck, I have never seen such unprofessional behavior!!! You would expect alot better for the prime rate of $25, I even emailed the company and no one responded, so it's pretty clear the blatent disregard for making the general public happy and satisfied. SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!
Bad Experience
Nov 12, 2010
by D
I have never left a review but had such a bad experience with Cowabunga- Purchased a couple of passes- they expired 9/30/10- I went online to check the hours mid September and it said they were closed for the season- When I called to find out what happened they explained it was a mistake with City deals... but they would re open that weekend and it would be best to use the coupons then as they were not sure if the owners were going to accept the coupons next summer- I rounded up a bunch of people and went on Sunday....They were not open- When i finally spoke to the owner a week later I asked for a refund they said Saturday was so slow they did not open for Sunday but I could use my coupons for next May- I told him I wanted a refund but they would not- Terrible customer service- 1-incorrect expiration 2- told me to come in they would be open 3- no resolution when asking for a refund. What a waste of my time- I hope to sell my coupons for May as I do not want to support a place that does not know how to treat their potential customers!

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